Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The (Fake) Car Ad: Pages 8 and 9

I started this comic on page three (the one with at the bus stop) and upon completion of said page, had no idea where I was going to go after that. As I've been drawing, my ideas for Dick and Kitty have evolved. Without going into all the details, I've decided to make my comic work like an American comic, complete with advertisements, but as a larger manga-style piece.

For those of you familiar with affordable luxury sedans, and the demographic of people their advertising departments target, you'll understand why I chose the name I did.

Unfortunately, several things did not work out the way I planned. My printer does not print white ink (this makes sense, but I had to try anyway) so you are definitely going to see differing shades of black. The grandpa in the picture does indeed look like E.T and the "shattered glass" effect looks like I made the page in the 3rd grade. To be perfectly honest, when all the tools you have are what an elementary school has at its disposal, then sometimes your "craftiness" just looks like "arts and crafts."

Puppies playing in a bucket of raisins,


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